Today I was watching my daughter jump in her jumper and thinking "this is so cool!" When Anthony was a her age getting him to learn the same things that she is learning was so much work and effort. With her it is just sitting back and relaxing while she teaches me what is is like to be a mom again. So I call Pam to ask her opinion about what I want to post and our conversation changed my whole outlook on what I wanted to say to you all. Lately I have been having issues with Anthony and teaching him how to be appropriate in specific situations. So I ask Pam for some advice and just to give me an open ear. Then we start chatting about things that Joesph is learning and how long it takes our kids to learn basic skills. It can be frustrating and so much work for the simple things that other parents with kids that do not have a disability take for granted. It can take you to a place that is sad and make us feel helpless at times. However, we are so blessed and do not always know it. Through the Buddy Cruise I have a family and friends that I can turn to for advise, ideas, and just someone to talk to when times get hard. It is also a place where I made friends that I can share the victories with. I cannot wait to see how much each of our kids has grown and what they have learned since the last cruise because we all know that as parents we get use to the day to day routine and others see the "big" changes that we may miss at times. I guess my point is that we all should look forward to going on the cruise where we can get advice, be educated, and watch our kids grow!! This is not only a fun adventure it is a life of friendships and guidance from some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. Somethings I cannot wait of Joesph Arnoldson's big hugs, Addison Wise's beautiful face, Christopher Otto's smile, David Pearce's amazing adventures and love for life, Joe Collins flirting with the girls...I can go on forever. These kids are amazing and it is because we as freinds and family are doing our very best to make sure they have experiences that teach them like everyone else. As I keep saying I cannot wait to meet everyone new and see the people I am proud to call my buddy cruise family.