Hello friends! Sorry it has been so long since my last post. The baby has been taking up a ton of time getting her first 2 teeth!! So today I started thinking...what do I need to start doing to prepare for the cruise? I know it seems so far away...but it is only 28 weeks away!!! I would suggest that everyone starts watching airfare rates. Southwest and other airlines will credit you if you book and then there is a lower rate...be careful though since you have to use that credit within a year of your original purchase date. Also if you can you may want to book a room at the Hampton Cocoa Beach - $109 for each room. Another thing I have been thinking about is excursions!!! If you are fortunate enough to leave the cruise I highly recommend trying something new. Currently Royal Caribbean is not listing the excursions for our cruise date but you can look at other cruise dates to see what options there are. I am keeping a close eye on it and I will advise when they are allowing for booking. Once they are listed the good ones go fast. I suggest everyone book through the cruise line since many of the other excursion companies will not refund your money if the excursion is cancelled due to weather (mine was cancelled my first year and Royal gave me a refund) Ok so some of you may be thinking...I have so much to save for on the cruise. Here are some money saving tips I found searching online... 1. Bring your own camera (those photos on the cruise are expensive) also we love sharing our photos after everyone returns home. 2. Eat all your meals in the main dining room and at the Wind Jammer because the food is free and GOOD! Other places on the boat charge you for food. Daniel said it wants to eat at Johnny Rockets and I told him why would I pay to eat on the boat when I can eat that at home. 3. Do not buy bottled water...the water on the boat is free. However if you like soda BUY THE PACKAGE!!! It is much cheaper than individual sodas. 4. If you want to buy something in the ships shops wait until the last day of the cruise or one of the cruises sale days so you do not have to pay as much...unless it is something you cannot live without. 5. Drink a TON of orange juice before the cruise so you do no crave it while on the cruise...it is costly. Until next time everyone be safe and take care. P.S. I had to share this quote with everyone "I don't think the worst thing that can happen to me is raising a child with special needs.I think the worst thing is to raise a child that is cruel to those with special needs" We need to remind our world that being cruel to one another should not be tolerated.